You may be asking, what are the benefits to suppliers that use


? You are not alone.

Below, we illustrate the benefits to suppliers and address questions frequently asked by suppliers like you.

What is CleanChain?

CleanChain is a complete chemical inventory management and
communication solution.

Once your chemical inventory is uploaded, it is automatically matched against the ZDHC Gateway library, saving you time and reducing the burden of collecting and reporting chemical discharge data. You can use CleanChain to link to your customers and to track your facility's progress and have a centralized area to communicate.

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What are the benefits to suppliers?

  • Ensure conformance against your customers' policies and commitments - ZDHC Gateway, the largest chemical conformance directory, is integrated into CleanChain, so you can be confident that your chemical conformance information is up-to-date and accurate - saving you time and stress.

  • Maximize competitiveness and maintain positive customer relationships - Be known as a leader in green chemistry in textile manufacturing and demonstrate impact. CleanChain allows you to communicate, respond, and share information with your customers in just a few clicks.

  • Minimize inventory overstock and avoid use of out-of-date chemicals - Easily account for chemicals and find the information you need without digging through your computer

  • Reduce the number of audits and wastewater tests - CleanChain offers unprecedented insights into your facilities’ chemical inventory. You can use this information to benchmark your facilities’ progress and create corrective action plans.

How does CleanChain work?

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What about my other customers?
Do they use CleanChain?

ADEC Innovations has years of experience in the textile industry and collaborates with many ZDHC brands. If you would like to see if your customers are registered in CleanChain, please email us at The more customers you are connected with, the more time you can save.

What's the difference between ZDHC Chemical Gateway and CleanChain?

ZDHC CHEMICAL GATEWAY is the world’s largest directory of formulations submitted by formulators. Gateway is open-source and constantly updated with new product conformance information. Suppliers can manually look up their formulations to determine the conformance level to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL), e.g. Level 0, 1, 2, or 3.

CLEANCHAIN is a more holistic chemical inventory management and communication solution. Once your inventory is uploaded, it is automatically matched against the ZDHC Gateway library, as well as ADEC Innovations’ product database. You can then manage your inventory and see your facility's conformance against standards like the ZDHC MRSL. In addition, you can use CleanChain to connect to your customers, so they can see your facility's progress and communicate with you on topics such as conformance.

What languages does CleanChain support?

Currently, the system is available in:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Italia

How many users can you have in the CleanChain account?

The CleanChain subscription for suppliers starts at $1400.00 USD per year. This option (Conformance Assurance Access) includes up to 2 users as well as linking/sharing with one (1) brand. We offer CleanChain full-access, which includes up to 5 users and unlimited brand connections, for $2100.00 USD a year, if you wish to upgrade your account.

Note: If your vendor would like access to CleanChain but they do not have their own account, you may simply add them as an additional user in your account by clicking SETTINGS > USERS > Create User. If you are currently at the Conformance Assurance Access level and would like to have more than 2 users, simply let us know by contacting us at Each additional user license will cost $200.00 USD per year. Alternatively, you may choose to upgrade to full-access to allow for 5 users and unlimited connections.

We have multiple facilities, are there any discounts available?

There are discounts available for suppliers interested in CleanChain - Full Access, with multiple facilities. For a quote please contact

If I am connected to two different customers in CleanChain, can each customer see that I supply to the other?

No, permission and access can only be granted down the supply chain. Your customers will never see who else you supply to. You are also not able to see your customers’ data.

Where does CleanChain get certification and chemical conformance information?

CleanChain has a formulation database that is continuously being updated with inputs from various sources including the ZDHC Gateway, an open directory of chemical formulation conformance information; information directly from chemical manufacturers; and the like. CleanChain then systematically matches the chemical delivery and inventory data entered by suppliers against the different data sources compiled as part of our formulation database to determine your overall chemical conformance levels.

Still have questions?

Please contact and one of our support staff members will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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