CleanChain Compliance Module

The world of compliance is continually evolving.
The Compliance Module can help you stay ahead of it.

Key Features


Let CleanChain determine your compliance obligations quickly and easily, on a site-by-site basis.


Take action with CleanChain's Compliance tasks, and work with individual facilities to customize an action plan for their specific compliance obligations.


Instantly see individual facility's compliance data, all in one place.

Complete Compliance List

Keep track of all compliance obligations in one place with CleanChain's compliance list feature.

Legal Summaries

Easily dig into the legal requirements for each facility by reviewing the plain English legal summary text of the law.


Utilize CleanChain's automated system for your compliance management, or use your manual entry capabilities.

The Compliance Module enables you to:

  • Monitor and maintain compliance for multiple facilities across the globe
  • Stay up to date with laws and regulations at global, regional, and local levels
  • Get ahead of the crowd—track what you need to meet voluntary commitments like ISO Standards, sustainability certifications, and company-specific pledges
  • Demonstrate a global commitment to lawful operations, environmental compliance, and worker health and safety
  • Get unprecedented insight into your federal and state compliance with evergreen data from Libryo*
  • Save time and effort—let CleanChain's constant regulatory updates do the work for you
Compliance module

*ADEC Innovations is partnering with Libryo, a global legal register solution for every legal domain in every legal jurisdiction.
Libryo's 30,000+ automated legal registers enable live updates to CleanChain’s Compliance Module and deliver up-to-date environmental regulation information as it happens.

Compliance Module

Compliance Module