Struggling to confidently track and report all your chemical data from your operations?

CleanChain can help you collect, standardize and analyze your chemical purchases, allowing you to securely share and report your information without having to generate and send reports for each of your customers. You can manage and respond to both internal and customer corrective and preventive actions, track progress over time, assign tasks to specific people and upload and maintain documents all in one secure location.

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Key Characteristics of a High-Quality InCheck Solution Provider

Here are some key characteristics to look for when deciding on an InCheck provider.

  • Best InCheck Conformance
    Make sure that the provider you choose delivers the highest product-to-certificate ratio. In addition, their platform should identify your commodities and uncertified products and allow you to preview your conformance score so you can make improvements before generating your ZDHC InCheck reports.
  • Ease of Use
    The provider should link your account seamlessly to your ZDHC Gateway account for real-time InCheck reporting and scoring. Within the platform, you should also be able to create new inventories with ease by automating the upload of your Safety Data Sheets. And, of course, the platform should be easy to use, with training and support 24/7, 365 days a year for you and your team to manage inventory and remain compliant.
  • Better Value
    The technology should give you the best value for the best results. Reducing the amount of time you have to spend to achieve the best results shouldn’t come through an over-priced InCheck provider. You should be able to access your wastewater laboratory data and upload or transfer ZDHC wastewater lab reports free of charge.
  • Visibility
    You should be able to connect and share your data with all of your customers. That means you should feel confident that you can show greater transparency throughout your supply chain, including complying with the ZDHC MRSL. You’ll also want to establish KPIs on risk mitigation and chemical management and track progress against your internal and customers’ broader sustainability metrics.
  • Greater Compliance
    You should be certain that you can quickly identify chemicals that could trigger recalls, RSL failure or MRSL Wastewater alerts, using intuitive interactive dashboards and scorecards. And in addition to InCheck, you should have the ability within the platform to check against other commonly used standards, such as Scored Chemistry or Inditex’s The LIST and customer-specific RSLs.

CleanChain has all of the above key characteristics and more.

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