Wastewater Press Release

Wastewater Press Release

CleanChain now delivering technology solutions that help brands and suppliers manage their wastewater discharge

The CleanChain wastewater module has received overwhelming support with global brands collaborating and supporting the production of the module since 2018.

London, April, 2022 – Over the past two years, in partnership with key industry stakeholders, CleanChain has been developing a wastewater module as part of the efforts to help textile and fashion brands and suppliers better manage their wastewater discharge across multiple facilities and create action plans to improve performance.

The fashion and textiles industry remains a major polluter of water throughout the value chain with the fashion industry now responsible for the production of roughly 20% of global wastewater.

Wastewater Press Release

While the spotlight has shifted towards the innovation and collaboration required to transform the textile and fashion industry towards a circular economy business model following on from the latest COP26 dialogues, a journey which will take some time and much money, there are immediate steps that can be taken by brands and suppliers. The newly released CleanChain wastewater features provide textile and fashion suppliers with the ability to upload, store and share the results of their wastewater testing with their brands on the CleanChain platform at no additional cost.

Additionally, the platform provides brands with the transparency they need to identify suppliers who are conducting testing from those who aren’t, through custom KPI’s, brands get insight into which suppliers are meeting their wastewater discharge standards and those who aren’t to assist in directing them on a path to success. With the addition of the Wastewater module, CleanChain is also able to automatically parse the information from Safety Data Sheets and identify potential wastewater alerts.

The wastewater module joins the chemical and compliance modules which are delivered to customers through a single platform, providing them with a one-stop solution to manage the risk associated with the management and reporting of metrics such as wastewater discharge, chemical usage and regulatory compliance across multiple standards and regulatory requirements. The platform facilitates transparency, measurement and monitoring of key discharge criteria, helping organisations progress along their journey towards a more sustainable future

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