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How CleanChain
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  • Streamline chemical information management processes
  • Save time and reduce administrative burden
  • Gain unprecedented insights into chemical use
  • Make better informed sourcing and manufacturing decisions
  • Interoperate with other systems easily through open data standards
  • Reduce the number of audits and tests
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How it works

CleanChain helps you gather data from diverse and disparate sources, streamlines the chemical information management and reporting process, and empowers you to demonstrate transparency to stakeholders, all in one secure location.
CleanChain also works with the ZDHC Gateway to enable collaboration between brands and manufacturing facilities. CleanChain gives you access to ZDHC Gateway data, automatically matching formulations to verified ZDHC-level and other data. CleanChain also provides tools to easily aggregate comparable information and promote engagement, such as access to Performance InCheck, additional analysis, direct communications systems, and assessments and scorecards.

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